Your Work, Our Task!

Tasks are forgotten or delayed? Use SMB TASK and improve the quality of team performance.

What is Prospect SMB TASK?

It is an easy, intuitive and secure task management application without downloading to the computer. This app keeps you up-to-date about projects or tasks and helps you to give assignments to employees.

Send a voice message

Send a voice message

Send tasks as voice messages

Add a photo

Add a photo

Explain tasks by adding photos

Link to project

Link to project

Link tasks to related projects

Mobile application

Use Prospect SMB Task on your mobile phone from anywhere.

Manage all urgent tasks from your smartphone. Always contact your team with instant messages.Through notifications employees will always be prompted immediately.

Download mobile app and sign up.

Why Task management?

SMB managers usually monitor the execution of several jobs. It leads to a delay in the work process and quality decline. By using task management program businesses can do the following: organize tasks easily, assign tasks, facilitate control, automate work process, schedule time and improve project quality.